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Single Mother in Bangladesh Faces Struggles & Criticisms Regarding Remarriage

Date : 2023-10-12

In a developing country like Bangladesh, we know how challenging it is to be a single mother who every now and then faces struggles and criticisms regarding remarriage whether from their family, friends, as well as the societal pressure along with that they go through financial hardships.


It's significant to concentrate on tenacity and seek support from network, focusing and giving importance to own self. In case of remarriage the matrimonial sites works as finest in Bangladesh because they have portfolio of various backgrounds of bride and groom. This blog will discuss the single mother struggles and criticisms faced in Bangladesh and the factors behind this issue. 



Reasons behind being a single mother

Besides, being a single mother is a challenge and the reasons behind it may be different for an individual to individual.

Some of the reasons maybe-

Divorce- In Bangladesh, there are more divorces than marriages, which has boosted the country's single mother population.

Separation-In Asian context now a day’s separation is seen very often and people do not try to cope up with the situation to find a solution rather prefers to get separated.

Death of a husband-The mortality rate of men is higher in Bangladesh than women, which has left many women as single mothers.

Choosing to raise a child independently-Sometimes unmarried mothers in Bangladesh are stigmatized by society and frequently have to raise their children by themselves.

Some other reasons can make a difference in leading to single motherhood are, financial inabilities, career demands circumstances, personal preferences.





Struggles & Criticisms Faced by Single Mothers



1. Societal expectations and judgments regarding single parenting can amplify a sense of stigma or inadequacy, further intensifying the emotional challenges they face.

2.   The emotional strain of being the primary decision-maker and caregiver can be burdensome for single mothers. They frequently experience the pressure of handling crucial choices independently, spanning healthcare and educational decisions.

3. The necessity of securing dependable and affordable childcare is paramount, yet despite these efforts, there is often a lingering sense of insufficient time for both professional obligations and quality interactions with their children.

4. The lack of a co-parent to share these responsibilities can result in feelings of isolation and self-questioning.

5. Being the sole decision-maker and caregiver takes an emotional toll on single mothers. They often grapple with the weight of making critical decisions on their own, whether it's about healthcare or education.





Why women are blamed for everything?




1. Since we live in postmodern era yet the concept of ignoring or humiliating single mothers still exists if they do remarriage and in the rural area this issue is considered just like doing a crime.

2. As if being divorced or widowed is completely dependent on women and they are to be blamed for everything. However, if we look and observe the single mothers are more capable, dedicated, and powerful as many single mothers in our country raise their children alone.


Single Mothers Provide Financial Assistance





Single mothers are solely responsible for supporting their families financially and it includes covering essential expenses like housing, food, education, and healthcare. For these reasons resulting in financial strain can include stress and anxiety as they navigate the intricacies of budgeting and managing scarce resources. Juggling work and parenting duties presents a substantial challenge for single mothers. To meet financial needs, many of them work extended hours, leading to a continual struggle to balance career commitments with family life.


Importance of Remarriage





Remarrying is significant for these women and it can create a good impact in their lives since they will not suffer from lack of loneliness, emotional turmoil, or a disadvantage in parenting responsibilities. Numerous single mothers opt to remarry or engage in new relationships.

The decision to remarry is highly individual, with some finding love and companionship anew. Alternatively, some single mothers may prefer to stay single and concentrate on independently raising their children. Ultimately, the decision to remarry is shaped by personal preferences, circumstances, and individual life objectives.

Single mothers do deserve to live a happy life and they do remarry for many reasons, such as

i.   They might seek for a partner

ii.   Seeking emotional support

iii.  Shared responsibilities

iv.  Creating a more stable family environment for their children


Benefits for the single mothers





Financial stability- Marriage can offer financial stability and support to single mothers. A spouse's income can assist in covering expenses, reducing debt, and saving for future endeavors.

Emotional support- Marriage can offer companionship, love, and emotional support to single mothers. A spouse can provide a listening ear, a trusted confidante, and a pillar of strength during challenging times.

Help with childcare- Spousal assistance with childcare can alleviate the burden on single mothers, granting them more time for self-care and other responsibilities. This can contribute to reduced stress levels and enhanced overall well-being.

Role modeling for children- Witnessing a healthy and loving relationship between their parents can serve as a positive role model for children, fostering their emotional and social development.


Benefits for the children




Academic achievement- Research indicates that children raised in two-parent households generally demonstrate superior academic performance compared to those from single-parent households.

Social and emotional development- Studies suggest that children raised in two-parent households generally exhibit enhanced social and emotional growth compared to those from single-parent households. They are less prone to behavioral issues and more likely to cultivate positive connections with their peers.

Reduced risk of poverty- Children living in two-parent households generally face a lower risk of experiencing poverty compared to those in single-parent households.

Reduced risk of delinquency- Children from two-parent households are less likely to engage in delinquent behavior than those from single-parent households.


How Matrimonial Agency Makes a Difference for Single Mothers Regarding Remarriage?





·         In Bangladesh single mothers can look for matrimonial services and they can explore various platforms and websites that cater to matchmaking.

·         Single mothers and their children will be beneficial if they take assistance from matrimonial agency as they will be able to secure their future.


Significant Role of Bangladeshi Matrimonial Websites Regarding Marriage


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·    It’s important to research and choose a reliable marriage media that aligns with their preferences and requirements.

·    To get remarried especially in the context of Bangladeshi marriage bride or groom needs to provide their biodata since it includes personal details, family background, educational and professional information, and preferences for a life partner.

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