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Looking for a suitable bride - 03

Category : Bride Add No : 3

The only son. UK citizen. Aristocratic, well-educated, and well-established family. Settlement in elite area city. O & A level completed from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is Completed his MSc (CIS) in the UK. Now he is working as a Director Marketing at a reputed company, UK. Polite, Smart, and Handsome (5'-10"+38) Divorce. We are looking for a beautiful, educated bride For this elegant,...

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Looking for suitable Groom

Category : Groom Add No : 2

Daughter of a high-ranking government official. Well-educated and aristocratic families. settled in the elite area. O/A Level Completed from British Council Dhaka. Completed Bachelor of Business Administration from North South University. MBA (currently doing) at North South University. Now she is working in a reputed Multinational Company. Polite and Pretty, (5'-3"+28). We are looking...

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Looking for a Suitable Bride

Category : Bride Add No : 1

The only son of an industrialist. Aristocratic, well-educated, and Well-established family. Settlement in elite areas. O|A level completed from ISD. Completed LLB Honors from University of Westminster, UK. Completed LLM from Holburn, UK. Now, he is doing his family business and also the director of the business. Polite and Smart (5'-11"+28). We are looking for a beautiful, educated bri...

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