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The only son of an industrialist. Aristocratic, well-educated, and Well-established family. Settlement in elite areas. O|A level completed from ISD. Completed LLB Honors from the University of Westminster, UK. Completed LLM from Holburn, UK. Now, he is doing his family business and also the director of the business. Polite and Smart (5'-11"+28). We are looking for a beautiful, educated bride for this elegant, handsome gentleman groom.

   ❑❑ #Requirement:
   ❑Educated family background.
   ❑ English Medium Background
   ❑ Settled in Dhaka City.
   ❑ Cordial, polite & religious.
   ❑ Pretty & friendly.
   ❑ Graduation Completed or Studying Master's in any good subject from any prominent university.
   ❑ Standard Professional Background


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