Antora Wedding Planner

Antora Wedding Planner is a leading full-service wedding & event planning company. We are the Professional, Creative, Extraordinary and a Unique Team that makes your events in a special, captivating, stylish, gorgeous & exclusive form. For any type of wedding/Festival/ Occasions, we plan Elegant, Glamorous, Fun Celebrations and Luxury themed Events for Clients. For a luxurious & royal weddings, we focus on something completely new, innovative & exceptional. We Create thematic plans and design it thoughtfully, interesting & enchanting with using creative ideas so that it is beautifully decorated & organized, that perfectly reflects you. We provide full wedding planning services, which will take care of your wedding’s from A to Z. For example- Planning, Designing, Catering, Photography, Decoration, Lighting, Hospitality, Entertainment, DJ Party & more. We understand your needs, desires and try to customize the services according to your budgets and requirements. We know that you are putting your trust in us for one of the most important days of your lives. For that, we try our 'best' to each and every festival. Our reputation for providing wedding planner services in Bangladesh is remarkable. Just one more suggestion: would you like to “WOW” your guests? Then, choose Antora Wedding Planner today and hire us for your dream wedding program. Our Expert, skilled, passionate team will provide you with a Majestic, Extraordinary and Creative new theme that will impress you and your hospitality. In a word, you and your guests will say WOW at first glance. We want to give you a great experience because you have chosen to rely on a dreamer who loves perfection.

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